What is the Franchise Disclosure Register?

The Franchise Disclosure Register is a crucial tool for anyone involved in franchising in Australia. It is an online public register where franchisors must disclose key information about their franchise systems. You can find this register on the Australian Government’s business website, under the franchising section. By accessing this register, prospective franchisees can gather important details about a franchise before making any investment decisions. The register promotes transparency and helps protect potential franchisees by providing easy access to vital information. The register is available here

Who Must Register and Update?

Most franchisors operating in Australia must register and regularly update their information on the Franchise Disclosure Register. This requirement ensures that the information remains current and accurate. Franchisors need to provide details about their franchise system, including contact information, the nature of the business, and any relevant legal issues. They must also update the register whenever there are significant changes, such as changes in ownership, key personnel, or franchise agreements. Failure to register or update the information can result in penalties and may harm the franchisor’s reputation.

Franchisors can, but are not required to, upload their disclosure document.

In a similar vein, franchisors can, but are not required to, upload their standard form franchise agreement and key facts sheet. Most franchisors choose not to do so, where these documents contain valuable proprietary information. Instead, most franchisors choose to answer the required questions. These questions pertain to the history of the franchise, costs payable, and if the franchisee will be subject to a restraint of trade, among other things. 

After joining the register, all franchisors must update or confirm the information included in the register each year. This is to make sure the register includes the most recent and accurate information.

Purpose of the Register

The primary purpose of the Franchise Disclosure Register is to enhance transparency and protect franchisees. By making key information publicly accessible, the register helps prospective franchisees make informed decisions. It allows them to compare different franchises, understand the risks involved, and evaluate the franchisor’s credibility. The register also aims to prevent deceptive practices and promote fair dealing in the franchising industry. For franchisors, it is an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and build trust with potential franchisees.

Consulting a Franchise Lawyer

Understanding the Franchise Disclosure Register and your obligations can be complex. This is where consulting a franchise lawyer becomes invaluable. A franchise lawyer can answer any questions you have about the register. Additionally, they can help you navigate the registration process, and ensure that you comply with all legal requirements. They can also provide advice on how to present your franchise information in the best light, helping you attract potential franchisees. If you are a prospective franchisee, a franchise lawyer can assist you in interpreting the information on the register and evaluating the risks associated with different franchise opportunities.


The Franchise Disclosure Register is an essential tool for promoting transparency and protecting franchisees in Australia. It is a public online register where franchisors must disclose key information about their franchise systems. All franchisors operating in Australia are required to register and update their information regularly. The register helps prospective franchisees make informed decisions by providing access to vital information. Consulting a franchise lawyer can help you understand and navigate the complexities of the register, ensuring that you comply with all legal requirements and make the most of this valuable resource.

By leveraging the Franchise Disclosure Register, both franchisors and franchisees can benefit from increased transparency and trust in the franchising industry. If you have any questions or need assistance, a franchise lawyer can provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.


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