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Our Mission

Our mission is simple; to use our experience and expertise to provide excellent quality and easy to understand legal advice at an affordable price point.

Magnolia Legal understands business and approaches every project with a commercial focus.

Unlike most firms, at Magnolia Legal your project is handled start to finish by a senior, highly experienced lawyer. No inexperienced junior lawyers, no costly edits—just top-notch, efficient legal work from the get-go.

In the legal world, it is commonplace that high legal fees fund fancy offices, expensive recruitment, and significant overheads. Magnolia Legal has gone back to basics. Engage Magnolia legal, and you get a very experienced and skilled lawyer at a significantly lower cost compared to a traditional law firm.

The Magnolia Legal Points of Difference


We are there for our clients when they need us. We endeavour to be available for a quick phone call whenever possible, we promise to respond to communications within 24 business hours, and we are transparent about turnaround times.


We don't make promises regarding outcomes we cannot achieve. We also do not shy away from difficult conversations, which are sometimes necessary in the practice of law.


We understand that the provision of legal services is not one-size-fits-all. We collaborate with our clients to deliver our services in a manner that suits them and aligns with their business processes.


We strongly believe in social responsibility and the significance of giving back. Read more about Our Charitable Commitment here.

What We Do

For Franchisors

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    Franchise set up - We will draft your franchise suite of documents
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    Franchise Suite update - We will review and update your Franchise Suite
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    Magnolia monthly – a monthly fee for regular and ongoing assistance

For Franchisees

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    Key Point Review – Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document
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    Comprehensive Review – Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document
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    45-minute Preliminary Advice Consultation

Intellectual Property

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    Drafting and advising on brand licencing arrangements
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    Drafting and advising on brand collaborations
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    Drafting and advising on intellectual property assignments and licences

For SMEs, including Retail & E-Commerce

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    E-commerce – terms and conditions, marketplace terms and consumer law advice
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    Retail – retail leasing, employment law advice and documentation, and consumer law advice
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    Website packages – privacy policies, website terms of use and e-commerce terms and conditions
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    Trade promotion terms and conditions and consents
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    Supplier agreements, distribution agreements and similar

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

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    Mediations – including preparation of position papers, strategy conferences, and attendance at mediations
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    Letters of demand/ issuing dispute notices – have a commercial grievance? We can advise upon the causes of action that may be available to you, and help you pursue those
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    Litigation – we are experienced in all tiers of the NSW and Federal Court systems

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